101 Great Review – How to Retrieve the Deposit that Hasn’t Arrived with Self-Service Recovery

If your deposited funds haven’t arrived in your Binance account, you can apply for self-service recovery to retrieve the funds.

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Please read carefully before submitting your application, or Binance is unable to assist you.

1. What Transactions are Eligible for Self-Service Recovery?

The Transaction is Depositing Into Your Account

You can only request self-service recovery for crypto deposited to your own Binance account.

The Transaction is Marked as “Confirmed/Success” on the Blockchain

Please only submit applications for transactions that are marked as “confirmed/success” on the blockchain. We cannot assist you if the transaction is marked as “unconfirmed” or “failed”. You may check the examples below for the status of the blockchain.


You may also check the transaction status via the relevant withdrawal platform to see if it shows “completed/arrived”. If it shows as “unconfirmed” or “failed”, please contact the relevant platform for further assistance.

For more information, please refer to How to find my Transaction ID (TxID).

The Transaction Doesn’t Contain a Tag or Memo


For more information, please refer to Guide for Self-Service When Entered Wrong tag/Forgot tag for Deposit.

Some Transactions are Ineligible for Self-Service Recovery, Such As:

  • Withdrawal transactions
    • If you entered the wrong withdrawal address and your funds have already been withdrawn from your Binance account, we are unable to assist you.
  • You are the sender (i.e., you deposited funds to another user’s account, and it hasn’t arrived);
  • The deposit address is a contract address not supported by the BNB Pioneer Burn Program;
  • You are applying on behalf of others.

The Transaction Meets the Conditions Stated in the BNB Pioneer Burn Program

If your transaction is eligible for self-service recovery and your funds still haven’t arrived after 1 hour, please fill in the self-service recovery application to retrieve your funds.


2. How to Use Self-Service Recovery?

To ensure that the information you entered is correct, please copy and paste the deposit address and TxID/TxHash.

  • Coin

You can use the search function to find the coin you want to retrieve. Please enter the complete ticker symbol of the coin (i.e., “sUSD” instead of “USD”) to avoid confusion. If you can’t find the coin you deposited, click [Confirm] to save.

  • Deposit Network/Address

Please fill in the Network and Address information according to what is shown on the blockchain page. For deposit address, please refer to the “to address” (it might be shown as “Destination address”, “Receiver”, or other similar description on some blockchains).

  • Deposit Amount
    • Please enter the deposited amount accurately.
    • We support up to 8 decimal places. You can leave out the decimals after that.
    • Please remove all separators.
  • TxID/TxHash

A TxID/TxHash is an identification number that labels each transaction on the blockchain. Please make sure you copy the correct TxID.

2.2 Confirm your application details and click [Submit].


2.4 You may need to submit additional information for the application. Click [Complete now].

A fee will be charged for processing the retrieval. Please enter the address you want the funds to be retrieved to and a tag or memo if your address requires one.


You may also need to upload a video to prove the authenticity of the deposit. Please follow the on-screen instructions to record your video.

*If the deposit is a withdrawal return from another platform, please provide records between you and the platform that includes the TxID.


3. Frequently Asked Questions

3.1 Why Does the System Say My Deposit Network/Address is Incorrect?

The address you entered should be your Binance Wallet address or a Binance Hot Wallet address. If the system rejects your application, please check if:

  • The transaction you are trying to retrieve is a withdrawal transaction;
  • You are the sender of this transaction (i.e., you deposited funds to another user’s account and it hasn’t arrived);
  • The deposit address is a contract address not supported by the BNB Pioneer Burn Program;
  • You are applying on behalf of others.

3.2 Is There a Fee for Retrieving My Funds?

Fees are only collected if the retrieval is successful. You can check the fee amount under your application in [Application Records].

3.3 Why is My Application Rejected?

Here are some of the common reasons:

  • You entered the wrong TxID/TxHash or address. If your TxID/TxHash and address do not match, we cannot check the transaction on the blockchain. Therefore, we strongly suggest you directly copy and paste the TxID/TxHash and address instead of entering it manually.
  • The deposit amount you entered does not match the blockchain record.
  • The transaction you are trying to retrieve has already arrived before or during the retrieval process. Please do not submit your application again. You should also check whether the deposit has arrived before you apply.
  • Your transaction hasn’t been confirmed or cannot be found on the blockchain. Please make sure that the transaction status is “confirmed/success” and that you can view the complete transaction details on the blockchain explorer.
  • The transaction amount is shown as “0” on the blockchain. We cannot assist you with this situation.
  • The transaction you are trying to submit is not related to deposit retrieval (i.e., withdrawals-, fiat-, or account-related).
  • You deposited tokens to a contract address, but the token, contract address, or deposit value do not meet the conditions stated in the BNB Pioneer Burn Program.
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