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Why do you need a cryptocurrency consultant? Who is a cryptocurrency consultant? What is the job of a cryptocurrency consultant? You are about to find out everything you need to know about crypto and blockchain consulting services. This is the most detailed information about cryptocurrency consulting service.

What is Cryptocurrency Consulting?

A crypto consulting service is a blockchain solutions service where a professional offers guidance to their clients on how to execute successful, well-informed and profitable cryptocurrency trades and investment strategies. Crypto consulting companies also protect their clients from making wrong crypto/investment decisions and unethical crypto practices.

Who is a Cryptocurrency Consultant?

A cryptocurrency consultant is someone who has both financial and legal expertise with good knowledge and experience in electronic payments, accounting and blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency consultants also guide their clients through the regulatory and compliance aspects related to crypto asset management, NFT marketplace as well as ICO (initial coin offerings).

What is the Job of a Crypto Consultant?

The job of a crypto consultant is to use his knowledge of blockchain in formulating effective crypto strategies. Blockchain development service is a decentralized network of peer-to-peer databases containing transactional records called blocks. The decentralized digital ledgers of information results in fast, smooth, and secure transactions.

Blockchain is a growing technology that is increasingly becoming user-friendly. It is the underlying structure powering cryptocurrency and the rise of NFTs. It is useful in various industries like finance, healthcare, supply chain management, real estate, retail, and hospitality. 

Benefits of Hiring a Cryptocurrency Consultant

While it’s easy to understand the benefits of blockchain, very few understand how to use it. Blockchain consultants and crypto consulting companies help businesses understand the technicalities of using blockchain. They help their clients discover the opportunities to apply this ledger technology. 

Some crypto consulting firms also advise on the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. Investors should take note that most of these consultants are not regulated, unlike personal finance planners. Caution must always be exercised since cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market. Each transaction requires a digital signature to prevent loss and data breach. 

Hiring the service of a Crypto Consultant will provide you with the following benefits:

Finding Blockchain Issues

Crypto consultants help individuals and businesses to find out any existing problem and understand how blockchain can solve them.

Market Trend Updates

Technology changes fast, and we need to be aware of what is ahead in order to stay profitable. Crypto consultants provide these insights to crypto owners.

Discovering Best Use Case

Blockchain can be used in different scenarios, but there is always an optimal application. Crypto consultants help their clients identify the best use cases in order to help them maximize returns on their investments.

In-depth Guidance

Crypto consultants are experts who can help their clients discover the best blockchain network for their specific goals and needs. 

Risk Calculation and Prevention

Crypto remains to be a risky new world. Blockchain is definitely a technology that is here to stay. Other blockchain applications like tokenization can however be risky. It is possible to reduce these risks by anticipating them and preparing ahead of time. A good crypto consultant will foresee these risks and provide countermeasures. 

Extra Services

Due to the crypto consultant’s years of experience, they are able to see how other blockchain applications can further improve the value of their client’s portfolio. Cryptocurrency consultants make the best recommendations to help their clients with all possible benefits from their blockchain investment. 

How to Identify a Good Cryptocurrency Consultant Firm

Crypto consulting is a very good and important business, and there are quite a number of crypto consulting services. In order to identify the good from the bad, here are some important factors to consider:


Make sure you confirm that the firm you want to deal with is reputable before engaging with them. Try to get feedback from past clients both from the firm’s website and from independent channels. Check their social media presence. Positive reviews reflect a firm’s competence, while negative ones reflect a lack of expertise. 


Experienced crypto consulting firms will have a list of past projects which you can independently confirm. Check for the crypto advisory services they have successfully delivered in the past to gauge if they are the right fit. 


Crypto consultants demonstrate their knowledge by the content they publish. Does their site provide well-researched and informative contents and whitepapers that help educate the public about cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Providing helpful content is a good way to showcase expertise and thought leadership. 


Crypto consultants should be able to provide timely services. Check if they match your availability schedules and if you can easily reach them on their official channels.


With the growth of blockchain technology and the popularity of cryptocurrencies, crypto consulting services may cost a fortune. Look for one that fits your budget and can work within the scale of your needs. As blockchain technology matures, consulting services’ prices become more reasonable. 

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing virtual agreements. One of their many uses is in making NFTs and exchange development. They contain the rights and obligations of each party involved and allow simultaneous execution of each party’s obligations. Every crypto consultant must know how to create and execute smart contracts. 

Blockchain Accessibility

Blockchain technology presents its own challenges and risks. A good crypto consulting firm will know these and present solutions to overcome them. They must also display knowledge of the basic crypto platforms. This would allow them to advise on the best solutions suited for your business.

Blockchain Safety

Blockchain technology is still susceptible to hacking and other security breaches. A good crypto consultant will know about various security requirements and the legal environment that governs blockchain. At the minimum, they must demonstrate how to make public and private cryptography keys.

Decentralized Networks

Decentralized networks, also called distributed technology, are the foundation of smart contracts and blockchain. A crypto consultant must display extensive knowledge regarding this concept to understand how to implement and maintain it.

Top 3 Best Crypto Consulting Services

There is an ever growing interest in cryptocurrency, especially when their prices are skyrocketing. A lot of crypto influencers and creators are seeing the potential of this digital currency to grow their wealth. While cryptocurrency information is mostly easily accessible, there is still a big gap between understanding the information and applying it properly.

Crypto consulting services and blockchain consultants fill this void. Since this is a relatively young industry, there are also some inexperienced “cryptocurrency consultants” who exploit and mislead of unknowing individuals. We have compiled a list of the leading crypto consulting firms with top 3 best services to help you choose the best crypto consultant for you.

1. Coin Support

Coin Support offers blockchain consultation, asset tokenization, blockchain development, NFT creation, and crypto marketing. They help businesses and entrepreneurs enter and thrive in the blockchain space. Apart from giving advice, they also provide turnkey digital currency solutions. 

They have an impressive list of clients and past projects as well as features in various media publications. Their consulting services can be purchased a la carte or customized for unique projects. 

They are a multi-awarded firm led by young visionaries and founded five years ago. Their technical and professional experts understand how critical cryptocurrency marketing is to a business’s success, and this propels them to promote and grow their clients’ token sale projects.

2. Crypto Consultant

Crypto Consultants is composed of financial and legal experts with vast experience in electronic payments and accounting. They help clients navigate regulatory and compliance aspects related to ICO (initial coin offerings). Their consulting firm helps ensure that an ICO is compliant with regional, national, and international law. They guide clients throughout the ICO process, white paper creation, and any other required documentation. They also help determine if a project is viable.

They also offer ICO Marketing Services which include digital analysis, website design, and content creation. They help ensure that before launching an ICO, you’ve prepared the requisite marketing strategies. 

3. CryptoConsultz

CryptoConsultz was the result of a problem looking for a solution. In 2016, 323 ETH was stolen by a hacker from Nicole DeCicco. At that time, she mined Ethereum in her garage. The unfortunate incident made Nicole realize how important crypto security is. This pushed her to open a cryptocurrency education company to make crypto knowledge more accessible. 

CryptoConsultz offers services for personal investors and businesses. For personal investors, the firm conducts comprehensive cryptocurrency training and offers portfolio management. For businesses, they offer a one-stop-shop crypto solutions provider.

Cryptocurrency Consulting FAQs

How Much Do Crypto Consultants Charge?

Crypto consultation rates in the US are almost USD 350 per hour for a one-on-one consultation. For a business appointment in USA crypto consulting advisory services can be availed at a charge of USD 650 per hour.

Can You Pay Someone to Manage Your Crypto?

You can hire someone who is close to you and trades cryptocurrency to help you out. He is your close person and you trust each other so you shouldn’t have much problem. But never ever never give your money to someone you don’t know personally to trade for you.

Who is the Best Cryptocurrency Advisor?

The best crypto analysts are Anthony Pompliano and Alessio Rastani. Anthony is one of the most popular and iconic crypto analysts. Alessio is the Chief Executive Officer at the Leadingtrader and a crypto analyst.

Do I Need a Crypto Consultant?

Does your accountant need to be a crypto tax expert? It really depends on your crypto trading activity. If you’ve made massive gains, crossed the invisible line between investor and trader, been called up for an audit (yikes!), or invested in more of the cryptic cryptocurrency projects, then yes.

What do crypto advisors do?

Crypto financial advisors can help you create and manage an investment portfolio. They provide financial advice to crypto investors and crypto-based startups. These experts should have a Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets (CBDA) or Certified Digital Asset Advisor (CDAA) credential.

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I am happy for the assistance Coin Support gave when I had issues with my Coinbase account. Impressive

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